X Control System Co., Ltd.

X-Control is a world's leading company of research, development and manufacturer on unmanned systems and solutions, which was founded in 2014. Its avionic product covers wide UAV markets, which gross weight from 0.5 to 5000kg, civilian, industrial and military applications. The company has more than 10 international patents, over 30 domestic patents and over 40 research personnels. The star product of flight control system has successfully adapted to more than 15 different kinds of UAV, and occupied more than 60% of the market of medium and large unmanned helicopters in China. Which also successfully export to Australian and Middle East countries. Keeps records of system zero failures. Main customer/usage includes: exploration, surveying and mapping. Power grid, oil pipeline inspection. Environment research, etc.

  • Full flight envelop control
  • Sensorless Sling load control
  • Moving deck takeoff/landing
  • Smart terrain follow/obstacle avoidance
  • Nonlinear system identification technology
  • Advanced INS/ GNSS system
  • Nonlinear control technology
  • Mission management system
  • Communication system
  • Ground station system

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