Existing Technology:

  • First-order Precision INS/GPS
  • Linear Aircraft Model
  • Linear Control System


  • Second-order Precision INS/GNSS
  • Non-linear Aircraft Model
  • Non-linear Control System

UVCS can work under bad weather and electromagnetic environment

  • Urban,Sea,Mountain
  • Windy,Rain,Snow,Fog
  • Near power line etc.

Full Flight Envelop Control characteristic allows UVCS to operate the aircraft with full flight performance

  • Fly at Max speed and altitude
  • 30% advancing ratio
  • Increase flight range
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Increase mission efficiency

Step responds ofconventional control system in the Ultra Flight Envelope

Step responds of the nonlinear control system in the Ultra Flight Envelope


Greatly expand the application range of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), and reduce the complexity of the operation

  • Conventional helicopters
  • Unconventional VTOL aircrafts
  • Fixed-wing aircrafts
  • Supports one station to one aircraft, one to multi-aircraft,multi-station to one aircraft or multi-station to multi-aircraft
  • Relay control
  • Multistage department control
  • Multistage department control
  • Moving deck follow,Takeoff and Landing
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